Remembering Mama: Doris Joan Webber (1936-2013)

This is a guest post from Diane Webber Thrush. My mother died on March 19, 2013, and I spoke at her funeral Mass on Friday, March 22. The priest was pretty clear that my comments should be brief, so rather than writing everything I wanted to say I spoke from a few bullet points on […]

My own private body count

My own private body count

Whenever I Tweet or write about guns, I get trolled by dozens of people asking me whether or not I shoot ’em ( I don’t) and if I have a right to write about areas of my ballistic ignorance, like  skeet shooting (I do). Emily Miller, and Washington Times editor and a former Tom DeLay staffer who loves to […]

Throwing Knives at Newtown?

One small but noteworthy trend has emerged in the wake of the massacre at Newtown Elementary: A sudden focus (bordering on infatuation, in some cases) on knife crimes among gun rights advocates fending off calls for assault rifle and ammo bans. The NRA, its defenders, and John Birchers are increasingly making the case that mass-casualty […]

if you read one quote today, make it this one

Retiring Rep. Steve  LaTourette — the chain-smoking Louie C.K. of the House GOP — offers this sulfuric comparison of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi to his leader John Boehner. Oh yeah. Boehner is his best friend. Wapo: Boehner’s greatest strength is also his greatest weakness,” said Rep. Steven C. LaTourette (R-Ohio), one of Boehner’s closest allies […]

Falling for Kate Boo’s “Beautiful Forevers”

The greatest achievement of Kate Boo’s astoundingly well-reported and surprisingly lyrical tale of the Mumbai airport slum known as Annawadi lies is what appears, at first glance, to be its shattering weakness — naivete. Boo immortalizes her subjects and illuminates unswept corners of globalized poverty few Americans are well-informed enough to ignore. The people most […]


This is not a blog about politics, the White House, the media, what I had for dinner or who I had in high school (one list is a lot longer than the other), nor is it intended as a bulletin board for my innermost feelings or political opinions, though I don’t preclude writing about any […]